Parents As Teachers Proposal

Proposal to

Ministry of Education

Republic of the Marshall Islands

Majuro, MH 96960

October 1, 2011 – September 30, 2012

Parents As Teachers (PAT)

PAT Vision:

“All parents will be their child’s best first teacher”


Women United Together Marshall Islands (WUTMI) is currently entering into its ninth and last year of administering its PREL sponsored Parents as Teachers (PAT) program. WUTMI implemented PAT activities according to the expectation of the program goals and objectives. During these years, WUTMI participated in a variety of conferences and meetings which raised the profile of the PAT program on both the national, regional, and international level. In all the WUTMI’s Executive Board Annual Meetings, in which participants are brought from all of the outer islands to Majuro for a one week meetings. PAT project was identified as one of the highly important project within WUTMI Executive Board Meeting to be included in the WUTMI five years strategic plan as one of the areas of priority.

WUTMI’s Executive Director Daisy Alik-Momotaro is a certified supervisor and parent educator for the PAT project, and the certification was awarded from the US PAT program after attending Early Childhood Education trainings in the US. This is the same with Parent Educators Miram deBrum and Luren Ading, Wean Elmer, and Pearl Hourichi who are currently involved in the PAT project. All four people are certified parents educators by the US PAT program. The additional parent educators within the PAT projects are those that were trained at the RMI USP and received their fund from New Zealand Gov’t. and this group is called Training Information on Parenting Skills (TIPS) including – Anata Elia, Metylene Langidrik, Florence Milne, Jonita Alik, Sabina Bosin, and Simie Jerilong who is a retired teacher.

Currently, there are a total of 130 families enrolled in both PAT and its extension project, TIPS, throughout the years. The TIPS is an extension of the PAT program. WUTMI has identified five principles upon which to base its program, WUTMI is thus re-instating them here:

  • Parents as part of a team working for development of children; other members of the team include teachers and children ages from prenatal to 5 years old
  • Children’s first teacher for nutrition, cleanliness, discipline, and managing time are parents. If these teachings are done well at home, they continue in school
  • Learning habits start at home and respect for learning need to be reinforced at home
  • Good, regular and open communication with children is critical
  • Be involved in children’s education, at home, in school and in the community

WUTMI aims to continue the outreach of this project by proceeding with its awareness and workshop sessions with more families, especially with single teen mothers. WUTMI understands that this PAT early childhood parent education project is unique and highly important. However, with the decreased of funds from the US department of Education where this money is coming from through PREL, this PAT project is ending in September 30, 2011. Thus, WUTMI is seeking the RMI Government funding through the Ministry of Education to continue this important early childhood parent education project. As we are aware, RMI is the highest in early teenage pregnancies, and this is where PAT project targets, the young teenage girls that are young and lack parenting skills. With the support of Ministry of Education, PAT project will be able to continue implementing parenting skills in year 2011-2012.

Program Goal & Objectives:

Goal: Ensure that the children of families assisted by the RMI PIRC are ready for school
Objective Outcomes
  1. Improve parents’ understanding of early childhood development.
    1. Parents are exposed to information about early childhood development.
    2. Parents receive on-going, intensive parenting instruction.
    3. PAT parents increase their understanding of early childhood development.
  1. Increase parents’ exposure to early literacy materials.
    1. Early reading materials are available in Marshallese.
    2. Parents will have structured opportunities to read with children.
    3. Parents participating in reading opportunities will increase their appreciation of early literacy.
PAT Activities Descriptions
Home Visits 10 home visits per parent educator per month. Supervisor responsible for 5 visits.
Development of Materials Translating and developing new materials for use for clients in home visits and for general public through radio and other media
Lesson Planning Tailoring PAT curriculum to local context, integrating new materials into current curriculum
Radio Programs and other media Development of scripts, radio spots and newspaper ads, production of weekly radio programs to air on V7AB
Quarterly Social Event Bring families together – both TIPS and PAT – to disseminate information on early childhood parenting education only event where we do direct early childhood education activities because all children are together
Community Outreach Events Attend and present at relevant workshops in the community, partner with PREL to reach school communities (PTA meetings), involve PAT clients in the literacy activities PIRC is initiating
PAT educators as mentors to TIPS parent educators Bi-weekly meetings with parent educators (PAT & TIPS)
Project Quarterly Progress Reports Completed and delivered to PREL/PIRC at beginning of following quarter outlining activities achieved, expenditures to date and reasons, if any, for non-deliverables

PAT Activities & Timelines – Specific Quarterly Activities

Quarter 1:

  • Submission of new proposals to expand and enhance the WUTMI ECPE program
  • Identify parent educators
  • Create year activities
  • Submission of qtr. Report to MOE

Quarter 2:

  • Implementation of activities
  • Community Outreach
  • Submission of qtr. Report to MOE

Quarter 3:

  • Activities as outlined above
  • Community Outreach
  • Submit qtr. Report to MOE

Quarter 4:

  • Year Activities
  • WUTMI Executive Board Meeting
  • Submit of Final Report to MOE

Staffing & Personnel Information:

Miram deBrum, who served as a full-time supervisor position will continue her supervision role including serving five families per month. She will continue with her salary of $18,000.00. Mrs. deBrum is certified as a parent educator and supervisor from USA PAT. Luren Ading including Pearl Hourich and Wean Elmer who are also USA PAT certified Parent Educators are also included in this proposal to continue their roles as parent educators. Mrs. Ading will continue serving 10 families and budgeted to receive a $15,600.00 annually. The Hourichi and Elmer will work as a part-time with a salary of $6,270.00 each. WUTMI’s proposing to contact the 6 TIPS parent educators for the duration of six months, and each will also serve 10 families. The TIPS are expected to do 10 visits per month with $20.00 per visit, and a total of $7,200.00 for six months. The following are PAT staff members:

  • 1 PAT Supervisor
  • 3 trained parent educators (1 full time, 2 parttime)
  • 6 contractual TIPS parent educators
Year 2011 – 2012 Comments
Personnel 46,080.00 This category covers the salaries for; 1 Supervisor, 3 parent educators.
Contractual staff 7,200.00 6 contractual parent educators
Supplies – Office 5,000.00 This category now also includes printing costs, and 1 new computer.
Other 4,743.43 This amount is high as rent is included. Fuel towards the parent educator’s home visits is also included.
Meetings 4,475.00 The cost of the social events will now be cost shared by WUTMI through its other projects related to PAT
Communications/Radio 1,400.00 The radio program announcer will now be one of the PAT parent educators and the cost is included in her salary. The high cost of internet will be cost shared by WUTMI.
Total $ 76,098.43

Budget Detail Yr. 2011- 2012

Component Rate Total Cost Cost Share WUTMI Cost for PREL
PAT Supervisor – FTE 2080 hrs $8.65 $18,000.00 $18,000.00
PAT Educator – FTE 2080 hrs $7.50 $15,600.00 $15,600.00
PAT Educator – FTE 1040 hrs $6.00 $6,240.00 $6,240.00
PAT Educator – FTE 1040 hrs $6.00 $6,240.00 $6,240.00
Personnel Total $46,080.00
Contractual Staff
6 PE – Contractual,6 mos 10 visits $20.00 $7,200.00 $7,200.00
Contractual Total $7,200.00
Supplies – Office
Supplies quarterly $1,125 $4,500.00 $1,500.00 $3,000.00
Printing quarterly $750 $4,000.00 $1,500.00 $2,000.00
Supplies Total $5,000.00
Social Events Quarterly $2,000.00 $8,000.00 $4,000.00 $4,000.00
EC Meeting 24/yearly $100.00 $2,400.00 $2,000.00 $400.00
Staff Meeting 12/yearly $75.00 $900.00 $825.00 $75.00
Meetings Total $4,475.00
Communications monthly
Internet $650.00 $7,800.00 $6,500.00 $1,300.00
Telephone $60.00 $720.00 $650.00 $100
Communications Total $1,400.00
Other $21,000.00 $17,600.00 $4,000.00
Office Rent monthly $1,750.00 $4,200.00 $3,575.00 $583.44
Fuel monthly $350.00 $160.00 $160.00
Registration Renewal – 4 PE yearly
Other Total $4,743.44
Total $76,098.00

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