About us

WUTMI was established in 1987, and has evolved to be the leading voice promoting the empowerment of women and gender equality in the RMI. The organization’s four strategic goals are:

  1. Strengthen knowledge and practice of Mantin Majol, Indigenous and natural resources.

  2. Promote capacity building and sustainable development.

  3. Advance good governance and human rights.

  4. Strengthen the voice of women through a structurally stronger WUTMI organization.

WUTMI is a registered non-government organization in the RMI, currently implementing a range of programs that include strengthening parenting and outcomes for children, addressing substance and alcohol misuse, and increasing awareness of gender in relation to climate and disaster risk management. The day to day operations of WUTMI are managed by an Executive Director, who is accountable to an Executive Board comprised of representatives of women throughout the RMI. Further, WUTMI is an umbrella organization comprising 22 member chapters from outer islands, and enjoys strong relationships with traditional and elected leaders. As a consequence, WUTMI has one of the biggest footprints of any NGO in the RMI and is widely influential.

While mandated to operate within the Marshall Islands, additional women’s organizations are forming chapters outside the Republic, particularly in the U.S. states of Hawaii and California, to become members of WUTMI.

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