Our Vision

We, the women of the Marshall Islands, are committed to strengthening Marshallese culture and knowledge as we are the nurturers, the peacemakers, protectors, the providers and the preservers of all things Marshallese. We are Jined ilo Kobo, Lejmaanjuri, Kora in Eoeo, Kora Menunaak, and Kora in Joon Japuk Eo. We come together to improve the lives of our families, our communities, and our nation. We value deeply our children who are the future of our nation, our health and well being, our cultural heritage, a clean and beautiful environment, our language and traditional knowledge, as well as our rights. We believe in one God, honor and value our families, and we believe in a nation rooted in Marshallese culture and the principles of democracy. We strive to create a Marshallese nation where all citizens, but particularly women citizens, are educated and healthy, are engaged in the national discourse, are content, and are without fear and at peace.

Core Values and Beliefs

  • Respect (Kauteej doon)
  • Cooperation (Jerbal Ippan doon)
  • Service ( Jipan ro jet )
  • Honesty (Mool im Tiljek)
  • Integrity (Jimwe im Jejjet)
  • Persevere (Kijenmij)
  • Committed (Tiljek im wujleplok an nan jerbal eo)

Guiding Principles

  • Effective (Wor kitien jerbal)
  • Efficient (Polel/jela jerbal)
  • Responsive (Mokaj im uaak ak kotaprak aikuj an ro ej jerbal nan ir)
  • Accountable (Kommane jerbal eo tollokin)
  • Equitable (Jerbal ilo Ejelok Kalijeklok)
  • Transparent (Ejelok Ittino ak nojak ilo jerbal ko an)
  • Strengthen Mantin Majol (Kokajoor, Kauteej im Kejbarok Manit in Majol)
  • Communicating (Leto letak melele)
  • Accessible (Pidodo topare kin aikuj im ban ko)


  1. Strengthen Knowledge and Practice of Mantin Majol, Indigenous and Natural Resources (Kokajoor im Kejparok Manit im Men Ko Bwinid )
  2. Promote Capacity Building and Sustainable Development (Kokajoorlok jelalokijen ejmour im kapeel nan kakke im kejparok aikuj an kora im baamle ko.)
  3. Advance Good Governance and Human Rights (Koonmanlok jerbal in kien nan kejbarok jimwe im maron an armij.)
  4. Strengthen the voice of women through a structurally stronger WUTMI Organization. (Kokajoorlok ainikien kora ilo kokajoorlok im kokmanmanlok WUTMI).

Our Mission

WUTMI is the voice of Marshallese women, for the empowerment and advancement of women, through protection of cultural knowledge and human rights and safeguarding our island environment and inherent resources. 

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