Parents as Teachers Project

WUTMI’s Parents as Teachers project provides consultations on Special Education; holds 4 quarterly parental workshops/social events; participates in additional parental group sessions at four of the public elementary schools in Majuro, and conducted numerous home visits with its targeted and enrolled families. WUTMI has advanced this project, particularly toward the end of the year with its publication of Marshallese collections of nursery rhymes and songs.

Mindful of the following issues WUTMI had identified upon which to base its program on:

  • Parents as part of a team working for development of children; other members of the team include teachers and students
  • Students spend half their waking hours at home; it is critical that time is managed well by parents and students alike
  • Children’s first teachers for nutrition, cleanliness, discipline, and managing time are parents. If these teachings are done well at home, they continue in school
  • Homework habits and respect for learning need to be reinforced at home
  • Good, regular and open communication with children is critical
  • Be involved in children’s education, at home, in school and in the community.


  • Enhance school readiness for children aged 0-3 years
  • Increase parents competence and confidence in giving the child the best possible start in life
  • Increase parents knowledge of early childhood development and appropriate ways to stimulate learning
  • Promote a strong parent-child relationship
  • Develop a true partnership relationship between parents and schools
  • Provide a means for early detection of potential learning problems
  • Prevent and reduce child abuse and neglect
  • Give the child a solid foundation for school success
  • Develop a program of ‘parents as trainers’ in the outer islands
  • Support PREL’s mission of “Building Capacity Though Education.”

read the Parents As Teachers Proposal

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