WUTMI was established in 1987 and re-vitalized in 2000, and is chartered by the Government of the Republic of the Marshall Islands to operate as a non-governmental and not-for-profit organization.  It is a grassroots organization networking and reaching out to individual women organization throughout the 24 major communities within the Republic.  While mandated to operate within the Marshall Islands, additional women’s organizations are forming chapters outside the Republic, particularly in the U.S. states of Hawaii and California, to become members of WUTMI.  As an evolving organization, WUTMI provides opportunities for organizational and individual growth through networking and coordination, as well as through delivery of direct and indirect services as it aims for (gender and cultural) solidarity, stability and development, and as it attempts to align itself with the universal quest for justice, peace and equality.

WUTMI has exerted much time, energy, and money in the last several years as it began improving its own institutional and its managerial functions while also building its technical functions.   Finalizing organizational by-laws, establishing its office management capabilities, and providing advocacy and technical support in social and gender issues have occupied the time and energy of the officers, the members, and the expanding staff.  The General Assembly of 2002 became a critical benchmark in the development of WUTMI as a learning NGO.  At such meeting, the existing mission statement for WUTMI was approved.  A five year strategic plan is currently being finalized.

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